So Who Is This Jerk Anyway?

I’ve been doing various things online for just over 30 years. Most of it useful, a lot of it asinine, but nearly all of it focused on entertainment or education. If it helps people laugh, learn, or both, I’m generally all about it. 

Streaming radio? Yeah, since as far back as 1998 (RealAudio days OMG no) and still at it today. Pirate FM? I may have dabbled there for 5 or 6 years. Streaming video services? Yup, back in 2002 and still doing it now. I’ve even ran a cable TV channel for a while. 

Ever been to BSides Las Vegas or DEF CON? You probably went to an event, party, or performance I planned or even played at. Concerts in Denver or St. Louis? Could have been one I booked, managed the artists, or played myself. 

If you ever tried your hand at podcasting you may have used the first all-in-browser multi-track recording and mixing platform one of my startups created. Netflix? Yeah, another startup we did was pushing video and apps to set-top boxes and the first smart TVs while they were still mailing you DVDs. The lesson there of course was that it’s not about being first, but all about being best. We were not best. 😛

Nowadays I just work a straight day job, but I’m still doing all kinds of entertainment and educational side projects. I also spend my free time gaming, DJing online (both radio style shows and live mix stuff too), making music (nothing you’d like), being a resource for folks from so many walks of life (mostly alt types), and hanging out with my awesome wife. 

So I decided to fire the site back up, maybe post here and there about crap I’m doing and generally have a place to sound off. Yeah, I know I could do that on Facebook or similar but honestly aside from Twitter I just can’t stand most of the socials. 

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